Washingtonian: Petworth’s Women-Owned Cocktail Bar Opens Soon with Sherry Soft-Serve and a Bubbles Garden

Two women walk into a bar—and change everything. That’s what happened when Himitsu co-owner Carlie Steiner and Anna Bran-Leis, owner of Taqueria Del Barrio, took over the former Hank’s Cocktail Bar space neighboring their Petworth restaurants. The duo have replaced the moody decor with a color blast of mint green, teal, yellow, and pinks (hot and millennial) and turned the back patio into a “bubbles garden.” Dos Mamis, a self-described “good vibes neighborhood cocktail bar,” opens Friday, June 28.

“We’re both looking to do something really fun, really low-key, very neighborhood-esque” says Steiner. Bran-Leis chimes in: “We just want to evoke joy.” 

What sparks joy is a personal thing, and so is the bar for Steiner and Bran-Leis. Each brings something different to the 75-seat indoor/outdoor space. Steiner, who runs the lauded cocktail program at Himitsu, is behind the booze and also a “sobrio” menu of non-alcoholic drinks. 

“What you’re going to find is no proof, low proof, and a whole lotta proof,” says Steiner. The duo designed the menu to be inclusive for all—including drinks priced at a wallet-friendly $9. “At the end of the day people just want something in their hand to make them feel comfortable, so we want to provide that.”

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